Equipping the Restaurant Kitchen

Obviously possessing great culinary skills is the most imperative element of being a chef, but having a kitchen with the proper equipment is almost as important. There are important kitchen tools for both restaurant and home kitchens. First, let’s look at the restaurant kitchen. Good equipment can both make your service more efficient and more impressive. You will want to become versed in the most important kitchen tools to have in your restaurant kitchen. First, you will want to have an 8-inch chef’s knife. This is the perfect instrument for slicing meat, fruits, and vegetables. This is most likely the most important tool of any kind of kitchen. There will be more about this best friend of chef’s later. Then, there is wholesale restaurant shelving to buy.

restaurant kitchen

Second, another extremely important tool is the kitchen scale. Most people just use measuring cups and these are actually pretty reliable.However, for maximum accuracy in measurements, you should go with a kitchen scale. Third, to make absolutely sure your meat is adequately cooked you will want a good meat thermometer. Fourth, a good juicer. You can choose from two available types: electric and hand crank. Both are quality with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Electric juicers extract juice faster and juice many types of fruits and vegetables, but they are usually more expensive. The hand crank is less expensive, easier to clean, but slower and not capable of juicing very many types of fruits and vegetables. Fifth, a one-step corn kernel for simple removal of corn from the cob. Those are some items that are very important to possess if you are a chef running a restaurant kitchen.
Equipping the Home Kitchen

However, it is also very important to have a well-equipped home kitchen. You need to stock it with the tools that expedite maximum speed and accuracy because you and your loved ones deserve the best. Giving a home kitchen the very best will mean creating the perfect atmosphere such as adding tiles or repainting. This remodeling should not only have aesthetics and ambiance in mind but practicality and streamlining.

For the practical side of this a homeowner, there are four conveniences the modern home kitchen owner is advised to possess. First, you will need a soap dispenser for either hand or dish soap. There is a wide variety of styles on the market today. Buy one that fits with your particular kitchen. Just using soap bottles or bar soap is acceptable, but soap dispenser is just easier and more convenient to use when you’re in the kitchen. Second, you should also have a hot water dispenser. With a hot water dispenser, you can have nearly boiling water for things such as hot drinks, soup, noodles, pasta, etc.

restaurant kitchen

This will save you time and electric energy. Third, a home kitchen should be equipped with a good garbage disposal. Garbage disposal help eliminates the mess of food waste and also aid in environmental friendliness since trashed food usually rots in landfills, contributing to global warming. Garbage disposals are an inexpensive way for your family to contribute to saving the environment. And fourth, your kitchen should have a filtered water dispenser. Probably the most currently popular way to get filtered water is via water bottles.

However, that can be costly. Experts say that a year’s recommended daily water intake via water bottles will cost over $800. A filtered water dispenser will fit over your tap so that you can drink filtered water easily, cheaply, and as much as you want.